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Drawing inspiration from the robust flavors of pan-latin culture and cuisine, CENTRADA / Cocina & Cocktails will be the MUST-TRY dining experience from the ESPERTO Hospitality Group.

We celebrate the unique and highly sought-after cuisines of the pan-latin landscape.

CENTRADA’s cocktail program highlights an exotic library of tequilas and mezcal that compliment an amazing craft beer and wine menu.


Centrada, an upscale vibe dining experience, we kindly ask that our guests adhere to our dress code. While we do not require formal attire, a high end casual wear is recommended.

Please no athletic wear, sweat suits, hoodies, cargo shorts, flip-flops, hats, work boots,

or cut off t-shirts/tank tops.

ADMITTANCE is at the discretion of management who reserves the right to

refuse service to patrons who do not meet CENTRADA’s

dress code standard.

Centrada Appetizers
Centrada Pork Alitas
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